Canon Test and Measurement Metrology instruments are designed to accurately quantify critical measurements such as velocity or to test surface quality conditions for manufacturing and R&D use.



Canon Velocimeters provide contact-free, high-precision measuring of velocities from a still state. Measure movement speeds, movement distances, speed irregularities and rotation irregularities with ease.

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Surface Reflectance Analyzers

In the palm of your hand, Canon’s Surface Reflectance Analyzer quantifies surface quality conditions for major indices including Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) and Scattering Index, a Canon’s proprietary index, all simultaneously in less than four seconds.

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Watch How to Quantify Surface Quality

Canon's Surface Reflectance Analyzer (RA-532H) instantly analyzes material surface conditions such as Gloss, Haze, Image Clarity, and BRDF (Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function) in the palm of your hand.


Image of DC Motors
Motion Control Products

Canon's DC Motors are custom manufactured to achieve the exact speed, power and current required for your OEM application.

3D Machine Vision System
3D Machine Vision System

Canon has created a solution that utilizes leading optical and processing technologies.


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