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Vacuum is critical in high technology industries such as semiconductor chips fabrication. The vacuum components used in the processing equipment can directly affect the quality of the semiconductor products. For over 50 years, we have been offering a wide range of high quality vacuum components with various specifications suitable for many different applications.

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Vacuum Gauges

Canon offers a variety of gauges, such as Capacitance Diaphragm, Pirani and Crystal Ion gauges. These products are capable of handling a wide range of atmospheric pressure down to 10-8 Pa. They are ideally suited for all types of industries, such as semiconductor and flat panel manufacturing.

Vacuum gauges


Vacuum Pumps

Depending on the specific needs, a wide variety of pumps are used to create vacuum. We manufacture several types of pumps, such as the world's most efficient cryo pumps, ion pumps and titanium sublimation pumps. These products cover the application range from low vacuum to ultra-high vacuum.

Vacuum pumps


Leak Detectors

Canon's helium leak detectors are capable of detecting a wide range of leaks with a leak-rate from 10-13 Pa•m3/s to 10-3 Pa•m3/s. We have several models, such as a compact version for use in the field, high power model for large vacuum systems, dry model for use in clean-rooms and sniffers for use in leak testing gas supply systems, automotive parts, food packages, etc.

Leak detectors


Mass Spectrometers

Quadrupole mass spectrometers are widely used in analysis of gases in thin film processing equipment, furnaces and accelerators. We offer products for process gas monitoring, residual gas analysis and high-speed applications. These products have low gas emission and high sensitivity. Depending on the model, the devices can analyze masses from 1 to 410 m/z.

Mass spectrometers

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