As a leader in industrial technology, Canon has developed and created exceptional the top-of-the line industrial product, with no compromising in precision, accuracy, quality and results achieved.


Test & Measurement Metrology

User-friendly and precise data collection are key elements for modern manufacturing testing and metrology. Experience our new cutting-edge Surface Reflectance Analyzer and Laser Doppler Velocimeter.

Canon surface reflectance analyzer.


Optoelectronic Components

Our exceptionally high-resolution optoelectronic components lead the manufacturing and medical system industries. Explore reliable, high-performance Galvano Scanners and Encoders.

Canon optoelectronic components.


Motion Control Products

Canon's DC Motors are custom manufactured to achieve the exact speed, power and current required for your OEM application. In addition, OEM labor and material costs are reduced by our supplying motors with gears, pinions, pulleys, lead wires and connectors.

A large array of Canon DC motors for motion control.


3D Machine Vision

3D random bin picking is a challenging area in manufacturing industries that has perplexed engineers for years. To meet this challenge, Canon has created a solution that utilizes leading optical and processing technologies. It automatically recognizes parts, determines the best pick and calculates the most optimal path so that the robot can safely, but surely, pick up the part and move it to its desired destination.

A robotic arm hovering over a bin of small items, an example of automated bin picking.

Canon 3D Machine Vision System for Random Bin Picking

See Canon's 3D Machine Vision deployed at the mass production line. The eye of robot enables to precisely pick and place printer parts which are randomly piled in a bin.

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