Functionality is a critical component to promote efficiency in the workplace. But without access to the proper tools, organizations can be left spinning their wheels. That’s where Canon makes a difference. With collaborative technology and solutions that help provide flexible cloud-based access and secure, automated workflows, we support and facilitate growth in any setting to stimulate your success. No matter if your organization is operating on-site or within remote environments, Canon is on your side, enabling your staff to print and scan seamlessly, deliver and access documents digitally in shared spaces, and so much more.


Print Management Solutions

From large enterprises to small businesses, output management is important to any organization. Our print management solutions can provide various levels of control and tracking to help reduce wasteful printing and keep confidential information secure.

Woman adding a piece of paper to be scanned


Information Management

Streamline information storage, management and security efficiently. Our information and workflow software solutions provide the tools to help your business better manage all aspects of printing — everything from costs to storage. And you can digitally store, organize and streamline content for customized workflows and optimized business processes.

Man in front of touch screen wall simulating workflow


Workplace Health

Whiz by SoftBank Robotics is a commercial robot vacuum built on a trusted AI platform to deliver a higher quality, more efficient clean—with proof of performance. Whiz provides an increased perception of clean in the robotics space that helps to increase people’s confidence in the overall workplace health of an indoor environment, all while driving innovation and gaining efficiencies.

Whiz commercial robot vacuum


Collaboration Solutions

AMLOS (Activate My Line of Sight) is a software and camera product suite being designed to support the modern hybrid meeting. It allows both in-person and remote participants to fully engage, providing an intuitive experience and customized views that promote collaboration.

AMLOS conference room software


Document Solutions

We work closely with you to examine your current business situation and make specific recommendations for improving your document based processes with solutions to capture and manage content.

Three individuals discussing over documents in front of them


Managed Document Services

Exceed your goals with Canon's holistic approach to streamlining workflows. From printed pages to electronic documents, our managed document services are customized to an organization's unique challenges. We work with you to find areas for cost cutting, improved serviceability, support and maximized document accessibility. Then combine products, solutions and services around your business' specific needs.

Printed graphs in the middle of a table being looked over


Accounts Payable Automation

Analyzing Payables and Procurement business processes, we can provide consultation and solutions designed to help our clients drive efficiency, locate cost savings, and increase business intelligence.

People milling around an office


Document Conversion & Digitization

Convert and archive your legacy documents into an easily accessible, searchable, efficient and more secure digital format by utilizing the expertise and resources of the Canon Professional Services team.

Worker grabbing folder of documents from a file cabinet


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