Document Conversion / Digitization

Do you have important company data still living in paper format? Is it taking up your much needed office space? And, most importantly, is it putting your company at risk for a potential security breach, loss, or accidental destruction of vital business information?


Convert and archive your legacy documents into an easily accessible, searchable, efficient, and more secure format by using the expertise and resources of the Canon Professional Services team.


* Increased security of critical business information

* Improved compliance

* Cost savings on document storage

* Easily searchable and retrievable data for streamlined processes

* Control over your organization’s vital records

Document Conversion Services for Healthcare:

Convert existing patient records to digital format and EHR systems, to help improve access to medical files.

Converting existing patient charts into digital records can be a massive undertaking for healthcare providers, one that takes attention away from the core focus of patient care.

Document Conversion-Healthcare

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