Colorful, large-format prints are eye-catching even from a distance. Poster-sized maps throughout an airline terminal, train or subway station can provide up-to-date information on current travel routes available. Large-format posters and flyers can ensure that passengers will take notice of any route or schedule changes due to new construction or travel congestion. With PosterArtist, you can create your own large-format schedules, maps, and displays that are highly visible and effectively communicate your message.


  • Guide maps in stations and airports
  • Train or plane service information
  • Tourist guides
  • Local area maps and guides to tourist sites
  • Accommodation guides
  • Guides to transportation such as buses, taxis and car rental services
  • Promotional posters for service products


Creating highly visible transportation information

  • Important information such as service scheduling over a holiday period or short-term schedule changes can be communicated effectively by displaying the information through vibrant, bold large-format prints posted in high-traffic locations.
  • Poster displays of area maps and guides are important aids for travelers visiting the area for the first time. PosterArtist allows you to produce guides that are helpful and easy to read even for the elderly.
  • You can improve your service to customers at stations that are popular with tourists by displaying information about the local area, such as "The Guide to Local Attractions."

Create flyers & posters at anytime of the day, quickly & easily

  • With the help of PosterArtist software, in just a few clicks, you can produce large-format prints of transportation maps and time-tables.
  • The ability to produce flyers & large-format prints at any time allows you to respond quickly when the need arises.

PosterArtist - So simple anyone can be a designer

  • PosterArtist software provides you with an easy workflow solution for creating direct yet effective poster and flyer designs.
  • You’re sure to find a template that fulfills your needs with a wide range of design templates provided within PosterArtist, which you can quickly customize to create your own original design simply by changing elements such as the font or color.
  • If you still can’t find a layout that catches your eye, give the Auto Design function a try. Auto Design automatically generates a customized layout that adjusts depending on the input text and images selected. An assortment of designs patterns is then created, so you can find one that suits your application the best!


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