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A cloud-based job submission and file preparation solution that can help streamline job submission and the production workflow. Simple to set up and easy to use—with PRISMAprepare Go, communications between process, people, and production is given more opportunity to flow.

PRISMAprepare Go

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  • Retaining customers while finding new ones
  • Rapid turnaround times with more variety and shorter run length
  • Price competition and profit goals
  • See the value of PRISMAprepare Go for your business.
The Job Submission Challenge

The Job Submission Challenge


Leverage the findings from Enhancing the Customer Experience white paper series to help streamline your job submission and customer communications processes.

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The new PRISMAprepare Go solution has been designed to help transition your job submission and print production workflow to the cloud without specialized training or IT resources. Download the brochure to learn more about how PRISMAprepare Go can help streamline your print production processes.

PRISMAprepare Go brochure

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Listen to the informative overview and insightful perspective of the PRISMAprepare Go solution.

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By Jennifer Matt


This article is sponsored by Canon as part of the WhatTheyThink Print Software Product Spotlight Series.

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