Canon CPO Equipment Program

Refurbished Photolithography Equipment Solutions

Canon CPO Equipment Program

Responding to the demands of the market, Canon U.S.A.’s Product Optimization (CPO) Equipment Program offers benefits to customers seeking an all-inclusive used Canon legacy photolithography equipment solution.

The Canon CPO service is comprised of two separate programs:
The “Canon CPO Equipment Sales Program” sells refurbished Canon photolithography equipment, and the “Customer-Owned Equipment Repair and Refurbishment Program” refurbishes Canon photolithography equipment you already own.

Canon CPO Equipment Sales Program and Customer-Owned Equipment Repair and Refurbishment Program

Both of these programs can offer you lower cost alternatives to purchasing new equipment. Through these programs, Canon U.S.A. aims to reduce the costs and risks that may occur with third party installation of used Canon photolithography equipment. Canon U.S.A. works together with its global affiliates to deliver outstanding equipment performance, quality, and price.


Canon CPO Equipment Sales Program

This program gives you the ability to purchase high-quality used equipment refurbished by Canon U.S.A., Inc. Everything we provide in the program is sourced through Canon's global network of offices located worldwide. All used equipment we provide under this program is refurbished by Canon U.S.A., Inc.'s service professionals which can lead to shorter delivery and installation times.


  • Configuration with different optional equipment available*

  • Designed to meet your machine requirements

  • Updates to related software included

  • Pre- and post-installation support**

  • Limited warranty provided with purchase

  • Training on equipment maintenance**

  • Application engineering support available*

  • Pre-installation demonstration and validation of equipment

  • Financing options available

* Available at additional cost.
** Please contact us for details.

Person in hazmat suit working on FPA-5500iZa Stepper

Customer-Owned Equipment Repair and Refurbishment Program

This program allows you to refurbish your current Canon equipment. Canon U.S.A., Inc. service professionals will optimize the configuration and performance of the equipment you already own.

Inside of Lithography Equipment


  • Optimize hardware configuration

  • Customize current equipment to help improve performance

  • Renewal of related software license and updated version included

  • Pre- and post-installation support**

  • Limited Warranty provided with Service

  • Application engineering support available*

* Available at additional cost.
** Please contact us for details.

Current Supported Models

  • FPA-3000i5+ i-Line Stepper

  • FPA-3000EX5 and FPA3000EX6 KrF - steppers

  • FPA-5000 series - KrF Scanners

  • FPA-5500 series – i-line Steppers

  • FPA-6000 series – KrF Scanners

* Specifications and availability subject to change without notice.


FPA-5510iZ Stepper

To meet your specifications, both programs allow the following options to be added and/or parts modified, at an additional cost.

Modification of:

  • Wafer size and type

  • Wafer Feeder/Inline direction


Addition of:

  • Transparent wafer handling

  • Through-Silicon Alignment (TSA)

  • Multi-Wafer size handling

  • Pellicle Particle Checker

  • Reticle Bar code reader

Person in hazmat suit working on FPA-5500iZa Stepper

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