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DR Image Viewer

Software Solutions


  • Scalable Platform
    DR Image Viewer software allows the configuration of a single workstation server/viewer or multiple viewers on a single server. Using multiple viewers allows physicians to collaborate with each other or show images to the patient on desktop, laptop, or tablet computers. The software also supports the use of single or dual display devices.

  • Extensive Image Manipulation Tools
    Standard tools, such as life-size view, brightness and contrast adjustment, measurement, pan/zoom, and annotate, are readily available from desktop icons. You can apply edge enhancement in 12 levels. Orthopedic measurements such as cobb angle and transischial line require no additional software and are easy to use.

  • Multi-Image Screen Formatting
    Need to split the window for viewing different projections of the patient exam or comparison images? DR Image viewer software allows for several of the most popular viewing window formats.

  • Output to CD/DVD Burner
    Included with the DR Image Viewer software is a CD/DVD viewing program called DR Image Viewer Light. This viewer can be added to a CD/DVD of patient images for convenient image review by the patient or requesting physician on any compatible computer.

  • Output to PACS and Windows® and DICOM Printers
    Images can be transmitted to most PACS. Any text and graphics added during viewing are also transmitted. Images can be printed using a Windows® printer or printed by a DICOM compatible printer in a variety of formats.

  • Stitching Software
    Canon offers an optional stitching module for DR Image Viewer software that allows stitching of multiple images, use of measurement tools, stitched image printing, and transmission of DICOM 3.0 compliant stitched images to PACS.

  • Implant Matching (templating) Software
    An optional module for surgical planning of implanted orthopedic devices is available for DR Image Viewer software. An exceptional value, this low-cost tool is easy to use and includes bitmap-to-DICOM image conversion for templates prepared on a desktop scanner at a minimum of 150 dpi.

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