Overcome your day-to-day operational challenges with easy to integrate workflow software from Canon. Canon offers a range of solutions to improve print and document management with a high level of security to navigate workflow hurdles.


uniFLOW Online

uniFLOW Online is a secure cloud print-and-scan solution that enables organizations to manage their entire print environment. The solution aims to help with document security, control costs, and increase employee productivity while simultaneously reducing internal IT requirements. It’s been designed to meet the needs of organizations that don’t want to invest in, or manage, local servers but still need to control their full printing and scanning processes.

Canon UniFlow Online


Output Management

From large enterprises to small businesses, output management is important to any organization. Our output management solutions can provide various levels of control and tracking to help reduce wasteful printing and keep confidential information secure.

Canon Print Management Solutions
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Document Capture & Distribution

Promote the protection of digitized and shared documents with Canon document capture and distribution solutions. Experience an efficient and advanced process that supports accurate data entry, fewer duplicates, and higher quality images to help save time and money by getting it right the first time.

Canon Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Scanning and printing from a mobile device is just one convenient perk. Canon's mobile solutions also help users manage device settings, extract searchable documents, and more. Equipped with functionality and flexible features fit for today's requirements, workforces can quickly print, scan, and access documents on-the-go.

Canon Information Management Solutions

Information Management & Workflow

Modernize the efficiency of information storage, management, and security in the workplace. These powerful information and workflow software solutions can help your business comprehensively manage all aspects of printing --from costs to storage--while digitally storing, organizing, and streamlining content for customized workflows and optimized business processes.

Device Management

Device Management

Device Management Solutions from Canon can provide an organization with the ability to remotely manage and configure compatible networked devices in order to help comply with corporate policies, support operational requirements, and maximize device functionality.


PRISMA workflow solutions

The PRISMA family of solutions can help remove bottlenecks and improve your current workflow. Make your printing operations more intuitive and uniform with PRISMAsync print servers, simplify order intake, job management and production with PRISMAdirect and accelerate document preparation and composition with PRISMAprepare.

Canon PRISMA workflow solutions


Our large format solutions help users view and edit before printing, manage colors and sizing from one location, and understand usage and costs in full.

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Posters and Marketing Design
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Recreate the World with Print
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Manage Your Print Costs
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Batch Printing Capabilities
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Manage Up to 50 Printers From One Location
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Scan to Print and Share


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