Information Management and Workflow is the process by which organizations collect, store, retrieve, and share information. It can be as simple as saving documents and retrieving them, or for more complex organizations, a complete Content Management System (CMS), where clients dictate policies to store documents as digital information, and set up rules for editing, sharing, access, and destruction.

Managing information is not simply a matter of storing it so that it can be accessed when needed. The information stored in various documents often requires the ability to be searched, indexed, and retrieved efficiently. Without a clear strategy for simplifying document storage and retrieval, users may be wasting their most valuable resource—time.



Therefore™ is Canons Award Winning Premier information management, workflow and business analytics platform that can help organizations work smarter by offering a way to help improve their storage, management, and processing of information. Therefore™ provides customers with the ability to store, categorize, edit, and retrieve information from stored documents. Therefore™ is available as either a locally hosted, server-based system or a cloud-hosted system, where information is



mxHERO leverages the power of cloud storage for email. It’s a server-less solution that can connect existing email systems with compatible cloud storage accounts (which are purchased separately).* Users can automatically archive their email content and attachments into cloud storage based on pre-set business rules. Users can select various options for how they store their email in cloud storage. Content can be saved as a PDF or a native file, and users can be set up to save content as both a sender and a recipient. You can also specify to only save attachments.

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