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imageWARE Accounting Manager for MEAP

Output Management


  • Track usage by Department and User:
    imageWARE Accounting Manager for MEAP records all document output by Department ID or User and provides reports on number of pages printed, type of job, simplex or duplex, N-up information, type of paper etc.

  • Track usage by Color and Black-and-White output:
    imageWARE Accounting Manager for MEAP reports Color and Black-and-White output per User or Department ID.

  • Automatic export of job logs to E-mail, FTP and SMB:
    Job logs export can be setup automatically to E-mail, FTP server or Windows share.

  • Log collection tool to gather logs from multiple devices:
    Using the Data Collecting Application, job log data can be collected quickly for multiple MEAP-enabled imageRUNNER devices.

  • Automatic backup and restore feature:
    All the job log data and application settings can be automatically backed up to a FTP server or Windows Share and can be restored when necessary.

  • Department ID upload feature:
    Using a .CSV file, Department IDs can be created and uploaded easily with Copy/Scan/Print usage limits for multiple devices simultaneously.

  • Reporting Tool:
    Provides a comprehensive reporting solution for multiple devices. Reports can be created for consolidated device usage, total users or department Ids (Microsoft Excel based Macro).

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